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These are the services I currently offer.  Please keep in mind I do not welcome walk-ins.  You must set an appointment with me, otherwise I will not meet with you.


Please request a time and date and look for an email.  I will confirm with you and provide further instructions.

Please take a moment to view my prices.  Prices are estimations only, they may change depending on the work being done to your clothing articles.

Once you are ready to meet with me, you can book online!  

Made To Order & Custom Orders:

Every item that is allowed to be customized and changed according to your preference will have sections where you, the customer fills out what you want changed.  For example, if you want the length shorter, all you have to do is tell me in the custom box; shorten by 2" or long sleeves rather than short beading work or add beading work...etc.  Remember that the more you change the design, the more expensive it gets because then you are now designing and that falls under the couture service. :)  Also made-to-order and custom items are not yours only and you will definitely see others rocking the same style but possibly different in other aspects.  If you want a design to only be yours, please view custom and tailoring services.  Thank you!


If you're like me, you probably love to personalize your items because who wants to see someone else rocking the same thing? Well, this shop is for you! The House of BYURI will be patient and work along side you to make sure your dream look is perfect!  Please visit the couture page for more information.  There is a small fee for consultations.  This allows you to choose who you want your seamstress to be; I can just be your designer. :)

Want to Know your future?  Check out my tarot/numerology & astrology services!

Artsy Tarot - The Shaman Designer

Please, if you have any questions or concerns, email me first.  Thank you!