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I offer couture services to those who appreciate the art of fit.  Everything is made by hand or handpicked to ensure the best quality beads, flower details & textiles.  The design process includes the client and the final mock up is entirely up to the customer.  I will give input, advise and of course, create the garment for my clients.  These designs are one of a kind and no one will have the same dress as you.  Yours will fit true to your measurements.  If you shall see anyone with a dress like yours, just know they copied yours and you may take action as you see fit.  I cannot stop people from committing a crime, I can only hope others are respectful about each other's work.

If you only want me to consult you with the design process, like give you feedback and sketch your idea, then this service is probably not for you.  I have provided 2 products which you can choose from! 


Option 1:  So you want to design?  Are you a designer who is great at sketching out your design but not so great at creating technical flats?  Do not worry, I got you!  Just tell me what you want and I'll create a flat sketch for you.  If you want critical feedback, just let me know when you tell me what you want in the design.  Don't forget to send me a sketch of your ideas if you already have one!  This will make me understand you visually if you aren't the best describer.  Please note that all files will be sent to you via email and in PDF format.  There will be no colored sketch for this option.


You are free to use the paid sketch as a reference and get your idea made!  


Please note that the times and prices may vary.

Couture Flat Sketch Consultation

Couture Flat Sketch Consultation

$40.00Regular Price$36.00Sale Price

Option 2: Are you an aspiring designer?  Do you like to design but just don't care for drawing?  Well, leave the drawing to me!  All you have to do is tell me what you want the outfit to look like; in other words, describe your dream look.  I will sketch, color and send you the file to the email address you provide.  As a BONUS, I will give you feedback about your design. You can then take this design to any seamstress or manufacturer you want and have them create the tech pack and design for you.


Please note that the times and prices will vary depending on the option(s) you choose.

This service includes the sketch in PDF format and feedback about your design.  If I see something weird or odd that will not be great for construction or impossible, I will let you know.  I am not creating nor will I be making a tech pack for you.  This is only for the sketch and feedback!  Thank you!  

There are no refunds nor exchanges for SERVICES.

Colored Sketch

Colored Sketch


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